About Us

One Shot Balancing, LLC is an energetic company established by uniquely experienced engineers trained with an enormous amount of rotor dynamic analysis and balancing expertise.

Our engineers, Roger Honaker, Hitesh Patel & Joseph Redwine, were trained and worked with the community that literally wrote the ISO standards for balancing and vibration standards. Now with 40+ years of combined experience, One Shot engineers have successfully tested and balanced over 1000 rotors from nearly every OEM out there including BFPT’s to 230 ton nuclear rotors.

Roger, Hitesh and Joseph developed a specialized skill set in rotor dynamics with extensive field experience as well as in the Richmond Virginia Test Facility. Their hands-on experience in acquiring and analyzing rotor dynamic data using multi-channel systems gives them the ability to complete multi-plane balancing of high speed flexible rotors.

One Shot’s engineers’ experience also includes generator rotor design and repair for Air/H2 cooled machines. They have been involved in the redesign and rewind for both rotors and stators. Being able to test and balance these repaired rotors in a high speed test facility gives our engineers unique and valuable knowledge on how designs and repairs affect the dynamic, electrical and thermal behavior of generator rotors.